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Who doesn’t move? Whether it’s your first house, leaving college or retiring: Moving house is a phase we all go through in life. That’s why the choice of a moving company is no small matter. When you choose a moving company, you are choosing who will come into your home or office and handle your most personal and cherished belongings. Moving to Connecticut care about your move as much as you do You would not allow just anyone into your home, you must think carefully about the company whom you will allow access to move your belongings. Moving to Connecticut realizes that your things are of high value, whether in monetary or sentimental terms.

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That is why Moving to Connecticut is the right choice for movers. We are understand all your moving needs. For any specific requirements we are always ready to support you. Moving to Connecticut has several years of experience and the right equipment to organize a professional move without a hitch. You will know that your belongings are in the hands of the best people. Find out how we can move you easily right now! Complete the on-line form today!

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Moving to Connecticut always advises against and anticipates its customers last minute packing. This means leave but a few things on the day of the move. Another typical problem is that people do not properly pack their breakable items. Take proper precaution by discussing with your moving company about the proper way to pack breakable items such as dishes, glassware, and other delicate goods. Moving to Connecticut knows how to pack and move delicate leather furniture, precious sets of cookware and glass, or a piece of furniture that has been in your house for past generations.


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With our many years of experience, Moving to CT sees the typical problems on moving day. The most common is poor organization, leading to large amounts of items that must be packed on moving day. To make things especially easy after the move, it's a good idea to color coordinate boxes, using colored tape, for specific rooms. Rather than throwing possessions, with no plan, into boxes, which you run out of, code everything! That’s how Moving to Connecticut make your arrival easier, by being prepared armed with lists of items of what goes where. Even though numbering and color-coding requires more work ahead of time, this effort will pay off greatly.